pendoodles » Blessed Christmas and Very Happy New Year!
afrid tukerlink » uji coba SMS gratis nih, di coba ya, and gabung ya di friendster Ter-Baruku
Daveman » Yo Gregster.., I didnt recieve any "Contact Form" in my email. I used your contact form here. if you dont get it, then Blog Drive is having problems again
Daveman » Greg - come and get your Award -
Marty » Yes, sa-WEET logo, G-man! Better get thing registered before someone makes off with it ...
Deirdre » Hello Gregalicious.
Marty » nnnn....yyyelloOOO?
Daveman » Where oh were has the Gregster gone - oh where oh where can he, beeeeeeee?
7oneders » Hey, blog hopping. Awsome pictures!
Miss Ginger » Greg! How the heck have you been? Still in Tennessee?
Deirdre » Mostly? Ok. Thanks for checking in.
Lyly » yea! *waves*
Friday » Greg! *hugs* I'm so tickled to be able to tag you again!
plh » BTW... im LOVIN your new pics!
plh » Happy belated Easter!
Daveman » Merry Christmas!!!!
Candy » i've been fantasmic! thanks for asking! and yourself?
Deirdre » Cool. *hug*
loz » hello . welcome back. x
Friday » OMG!!! I can't tell you what it means to have my Gregala back. *hug, hug, hug*
Candy » Great to have you back!
Daveman » YORE INVITED TEW MUH BERFDAY PARTY! Git slickered up and splash on some smellem up.
AbbyNormal » Yipee! Good to see you!
plh » welcome back Greg! nice to see another fellow BDer back in the fold
Giggles »'re back!!!! It's about time! *hugs*
Deirdre » How awesome. Glad you're back.
Daveman » YAAAAY! NOW I CAN COMMUNICATE WITH YA! I have this paranoia about MySpace..LOL... Hi 5s Bro!
Neracruz » Nice photo... hi from Italy, Kev
Neracruz » Nice photo... hi from Italy, Kev
Michelle » What type of camera(s) do you use?
chrysalis » Greg, what's happening?
Deirdre » Well, that's okay. (: You do great!
Deirdre » You're slacking! Where's the update to this?
chrysalis » Dude, give me a shout sometime ...
Mel » Your photography is as amazing as always! Keep up the good work.
Mel » Your photography is as amazing as always! Keep up the good work.
chrysalis » Greg, only you could make a cat photo be sensual!
cutepsycho » cute pix..
Deirdre » Aww, thanks Greg. *hug*
Deirdre » Just browsing past pictures down below. (:
Friday » XOXOXO
Deirdre » boo!
Deirdre » I have a migraine But other than that, I'm good. Hows you?
Chris » Hi Greg, just thought I'd stop by and say hi, but now I've said it twice.
Cari » Hi there... visiting from Loz'z world...
Deirdre » Hello Gregy!
Deirdre » Thanks for your comment.
Deirdre » Hey there Greg. Thinking of you.
Hallie » hello greg! thank you for stopping by my blog. i finally got your message. how have you been, greg?
Deirdre » Sorry to do this again. New link.
Authenticia » Thanx 4 the visit,hope you are doing well...this link is to my regular blog.
Deirdre » <3
Bellatrix » showing some <3
vicious. » your poems and photos are all lovely. you are quite talented. :]
Authenticia » I found you via Not To Scale.What a beautiful blog you have.Have a great day!
Greg » Deirdre, you're so sweet! Thank you. And you're definitely the coolest Deirdre I know!
Deirdre » My name is Deirdre and I think Greg is the coooooolest Greg I know!
Beeba » Thought I would come by and see what kind of beauties you have today. Always breath taking! You are so talented. See ya, Greg!!!
Bellatrix » eep! i've linked you! ...strangely, i have no idea why it was not sooner. <3
Deirdre » Have a nice weekend Greg. Take some pictures, post some thoughts.
Deirdre » Greg Greg Greg! Where is everyone Greg? *hug*
Deirdre » Hi hi hi Greg. Hi.
Deirdre » *big hugs*!
plh » hey thanks Greg!!! happy 4th to ya
Deirdre » Thank you Greg.
Deirdre » Greg Greg Greg! Hi!
Deirdre » How ya doin today Gregalicious?
chrysalis » Hey Greg, toss us a poem every now and then, too, to keep us happy!
Deirdre » *Hugs*
Deirdre » Aww. *hugs*
malaika » nice photos! what kind of camera are you using?
Deirdre » Greg! OMG. I haven't been here since November! November! I am horrible. I need to stop moving around. *hugs* Nice photos!
Genie » wow. impressive.
chrysalis » Hey you. What's happening these days?
loz » hey Greg, just dropping by to say hello . x
loz » thanks Greg . hope you had a good mother's day (with your wife, of course) too! xx
Greg » Yeah, Caitlyn never stops moving!
Chris » LOL nice one, I have some good ones of Chloe as well, I shall post tomorrow. Caitlyn is the hard one to get good pictures of.
Chris » Hi Greg. I see your photos are now working again. Keep up the good work.
Lyly » hi Greg, things are busy, not enough sleep, but going fine.
plh » Greg thanks for your message - alot of people have been sliding on their blogs and entries so dont feel bad - and thanks bout Dave - if you do hear anything let us know - bless ya
plh » Greg have you heard anything at all from Daveman after feb 24th 06' or so? if you have please pass the news to Herb (you can reach him from Davemans blog, or mine & Robs - have a nice day!
chrysalis » Sweet!!
chrysalis » So Greg ... time to dust off the ol' camera yet?? *evil smirk*
jezebel. » greg, thank you so much for visiting my site. and for saying that you were "enthralled by my writing". i am amazed at your site. your photography is gorgeous, your poems are gorgeous.. lovely! :]
Beeba » Great pictures!! My prayers to Karina for a speedy recovery...
Daveman » Oy Gregster! Hey - I can see your last Snow & Trees pic but the rest refuse to load. I think its because of the number of Thumbnails slowing the download process. It takes like five minutes to load.
Lyly » It was pretty good! Beautiful picture...the contrast makes it look like a painting. Have you thought about showing these at a gallery?
/shadow/ » hey dear. i've moved again. i hope things are well with you. hopefully i'll get back into the swing of things. your pictures are breathtaking as always ...
Daveman » Hey Gregster! AWESOME Waterfall shot - and also the Sparkler name writing - rawks! **pokes at gregs transparent ghostly form**
hcrab » posted a comment on your oct 30th entry. cheers!
Bellatrix » GREGGY!!! I posted my first chapter on my writing blog AND HAPPY NEW YEAR HUN!
Daveman » HAPPY NEW YEARS! Behave yo bad self!
loz » hey Greg, hope all's well in your part of the world. happy holidays! xo
Bellatrix » merry xmas hun
Daveman » MERRY CHRISTMAS - Where are you? Did the elves kidnap you?
jasmine » thanks for the comments im glad you like my poems - they aren't quite to the standard of vanessa but whatever lol happy xmas xxxxxx
psychadelic » merry xmas