Friday, February 25, 2005
A long-awaited poem *yawn*

Some of you who visit here on occasion may notice that the site is titled "Poetical Wax". You may further notice, that the web address is "poetsinsight". And if you look at the title bar, you will see the description "Writings". Finally, given those three facts, you may notice that there are remarkably few poems on here. I go through spells of poetry. Some of what I write is good, much of it sucks far too much to ever be shown in public. When I started this blog, I tried to alternate my entries, one post of a picture, and then one of a poem or story. But it has become apparent to me that in the eyes of my faithful viewers, I am better at photography than I am at writing, so, being the compliment whore that I am, I have pretty much given up on posting poetry of late. However, in keeping with the spirit of the titlle of this blog, I am finally posting a new poem. Well... not entirely new. I mean, I wrote this nearly a year ago. It's a tribute to my dear friend Delena, who, not to put too fine of a point on it, saved my life about 5 years ago. Thanks, D.

Of Olive Skin and Raven Hair

Of olive skin and raven hair

Dark eyes see more deeply than the heart would dare

Glimpsing more in one life than many could bear

She turns her gaze on him


Eyes that sparkle in their deepening scan

Follow into the soul of a mere mortal man

Finding blackness unsightly as the face of Pan

Her comely face turns grim

The man...


Walls built high, not to keep others out

But to keep himself in when his heart fills with doubt

Failing to see what his life is about

He hides deep in his hole


Her struggles are different, yet somehow the same

Each finding the fault in their own selves to blame

Forgetting to move on and let go of the shame

Of childhood that they stole


The woman…


Standing alone, above the din

On the edge of the darkness, peering in

Above the masses, absolved of sin

She registers his strife


A woman of passion, a woman of love

The strength of an eagle, the grace of a dove

A beauty that rivals the angels above

She steps into his life


At once the darkness begins to fade

A glow settles in where the hole has been made

Each day growing stronger, eclipsing the shade

He finds the light above


All from one woman, standing alone

With compassion and wisdom beyond any known

Tearing through walls made of fire and stone

With kindness born of love

Copyright ME 2004

Posted at 10:46 pm by Greg

March 3, 2005   07:57 AM PST
That is so beautiful, hon!! Bravo!!!

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