Monday, June 21, 2004
Still in School...

A while back, Jamie had a school project where she was supposed to do a "parody" of a famous poem. She picked "The Raven" by Poe (a very good choice, as it's my second favorite poem ever), and we spent hours trying to figure out how to parody it, and what topic to use, and once we had a topic, how to write it. She didn't like my ideas, which I understand, because she wanted it to be "her" project. But anyway, while she did hers, I turned to the computer, and started typing. Here, for the first time publicly, I present:

The Gollum


Once while nasty hobbitsss helping, suddenly there came a yelping

The sound of evil orcses on the blackened edges of Mordor

My preciousss glowed on Frodo’s chest, and master looked for place to rest

As fat hobbit glared at Smeagol, good Smeagol pulls them to the floor

Wraiths on wings will see them, so Smeagol pulls them to the floor

As the wraiths above them soar


We wants our preciousss from the master, so we hurry hobbits faster

Rushing them to their disaster, leading them off to her door

“Hurry, hobbits” good Smeagol speaks, taking them up mountain peaks

Giving master what he seeks, a secret passage to Mordor

A scary, sticky, secret passage to the dark land of Mordor

If he makes it ‘cross her floor


Copyright 2004 ME

Yeah, it's only two stanzas. Sue me. It gave me a headache getting that far!

Posted at 10:15 pm by Greg

June 22, 2004   04:59 AM PDT
*snaps fingers* bravo, my friend....bravo!!!

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