Friday, October 29, 2004
Maybe not so wise?

It springs to the mind as a wise retort

The stifling bonds of the last resort

The kinship lay broken amongst the glass

Like the weeds choked out by the field of grass


A yearning for power in the coming dawn

Belittles the equal as less than a pawn

Usurping the power that others retained

Attaching itself to the hope now regained


Failing to grasp that which stands within reach

Learning instead what nobody could teach

Strength lying in lies will never hold sway

In the end all will sleep, till the dawn of the day.


Copyright Me 2004

Posted at 10:59 pm by Greg

November 9, 2004   08:22 AM PST
Uber Wonderful!!!!
October 30, 2004   03:52 AM PDT
Wow. :)

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