Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The empty canvas

Draws itself into being

A calm understanding of its need to be expressed


As the subject fills the void

Soft strokes of light and color illuminate the eyes…

…and the mind


The absence of tension

Allows a peaceful moment to pass between artist,

Subject… and viewer


The tinkle of the piano,

The sweet sound of the guitar

Those first few notes capture us, holding us tight in their embrace.


A tale spun on a sheaf

Takes us into worlds unknown

And fills us with light and laughter and tears


Music fills the air

Words fill the page

A drawing springs to life

A series of photographs hold moments in time, never to be forgotten

The cinematic wonder takes us on an emotional journey

To the heart of our selves.


…this is the power of the artist

Copyright ME 2004

Posted at 10:05 pm by Greg

October 25, 2004   01:27 AM PDT
How lovely, the way that you captured your emotions in your writing. You really are quite a talented individual.
October 20, 2004   10:10 PM PDT
I hadn't put a poem on here in quite a while, so I thought I'd toss one up for your amusement. I wrote this one rather quickly (for me), but I hope that doesn't show! Hahaha. The reason I chose this one to share is that I very rarely write poems that don't rhyme, and I don't believe I have posted any of them until now. Okay, I'll shut up now, and let y'all go look at the pretty pictures! Hahaha.

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