Thursday, September 09, 2004

Burning herself in effigy

Fixating on the hurt
     Lasting impressions of undeserved pain

     The blood and the scars washed away in the rain

     Only to come back again and again


A blind woman beside herself

Afraid to let go of the hate

     Tormenting her soul with a lifetime of grief

     Holding tight to the void as her only belief

     Steeling her heart in the night like a thief


Not seeing her own blinding beauty

Gone deaf to her very own strength

     Trained by others to misread her worth

     A lady misled from the hour of her birth

     A lifetime of wisdom inside to unearth


Perhaps I see different than others

A life owed is a powerful debt

     But when I look into the depths of her eyes

     I see Princess Genius there, in deep disguise

     And this mask of self-hatred is all I despise


For you, D. I love you.

Posted at 10:29 pm by Greg

September 21, 2004   06:20 PM PDT
Stunning. I love this new side, a little darker than what I remember of you, and lovely. So much soul beating through your words.... If I can make it work, would you mind if I linked you? I'm not sure who'd see it as not many visit me anymore, but it's just the same.
September 16, 2004   12:26 AM PDT
I adore this piece. It's so beautiful and poignant. It may refer to one particular woman...but it speaks of the heart of all of us. Simply lovely.
September 13, 2004   06:03 AM PDT
Ah Greg I should have known you were a good writer by the comments in Delena`s blog. I`m glad I followed the links.
You know the lady better than I but if I could write poetry it would express the same sentiment.
I`m glad she has such a devoted friend in you.

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