Wednesday, September 01, 2004
The Nature of Tears

Their meanings are many, and very diverse
Some bring with them a smile, while some bring a curse
Sometimes they may speak of a joy so great
Or sometimes of sadness; sometimes of hate

Sometimes crashing like waves to the shore
Sometimes like thunder and lightning
Sometimes they flow as soft as a stream
on a cold winter's morning

Their presence brings sadness to many
Their absence brings sadness to all
And as they come to the edge of their glistening globe...
...they fall.

Copyright ME

Posted at 07:15 pm by Greg

September 21, 2004   06:26 PM PDT
Hmm..we're not going to start getting all modest now are we? It's true, Hitler's armys were deviod of emotion, they had to be; after ripping apart an entire religion, generation, nation, how could they ever live?
Inspiring, i love it. You revel in archetypes.
September 2, 2004   07:39 PM PDT
WOW!! Are you kidding me when you say its not that great??? Its FABULOUS!!! Simple, but very revealing... amazing!

Mel *hugs*
September 2, 2004   06:20 AM PDT
Hi Greg. It is a very nice poem. You should be proud.

I enjoyed it. Good work!
September 1, 2004   07:23 PM PDT
I debated for quite some time over whether to post this poem, which I wrote many, many years ago, and recently fixed up a little. I don't think it's all that great, but it does have a line in it that I believe is one of the most insightful things I've ever some up with. "Their absence brings sadness to all". I was thinking about what allows a man to do evil. What can cause a serial killer, or a terrorist, or a Hitler? These people, for whatever reason, are heartless, emotionless, tearless. They have closed themselves off from pain, allowing themselves to commit such vile acts, without feeling the consequences themselves. A normal man could not heartlessly kill, because it would eat him up. You even hear of police officers killing in self-defense, who have nightmares, etc. It is not human to take a life. To do so requires the absence of emotion, the absence of tears. Anyway, just a few thoughts. :-)

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