Monday, August 16, 2004
Another sequel...

Shortly before I went to Nashville to meet Wanda for the first time, I wrote the poem "Someday", which can be found here. When I returned, I wrote the following reminiscence:

At last...

A trip through the Delta, in visions and scents
On a three-day long dream coming true
Past Cascading falls, and flowers so dense
and fountains reminding of you

From sweet chocolate kisses and intimate hugs
To a high-speed holding of hands
An intoxication much stronger than drugs -
A deep breath of lavendar strands

At last I have basked in the warmth of a smile
with the power to lighten a heart
I have now felt the love that I sought 'cross the miles
that slipped into my soul like a dart

At last, I have gazed into wide crystal pools
and seen the reflection of love
And found passion so strong it transcends all the rules
in all that I've ever known of

This, my sweet love, was my one fondest hope
Though reality did not agree
For the joy that I feel is beyond any scope
But your love, my dear love, set me free

Copyright 2001 Greg

Posted at 10:26 pm by Greg

May 26, 2005   09:23 PM PDT
No I don't, Edie, but the Opryland hotel is part of the inspiration for this poem, as you've obviously guessed. It is a beautiful place that I always try to visit it everytime I am in Nashville. Soon I will be moving there, so I can visit as much as I want!

Anyway, thank you for visiting. :-)
May 25, 2005   09:36 AM PDT
Greg, do you work at the Opryland hotel?
August 18, 2004   10:41 AM PDT
Very sweet...reminds me of when I fell in love 3 years ago...good memories ;)
August 17, 2004   05:18 PM PDT
Thanks for the comment, Hallie. This poem is about the events on my first trip to Nashville, where I met Wanda. We had met online, and this was my first time seeing her in person. Most of it is obscure stuff: The Delta and the Cascades are two beautiful areas of the Opryland hotel, with indoor gardens and waterfalls and fountains, where Wanda and I used to take walks. Stuff like that. :-)
August 17, 2004   04:34 PM PDT
is this poem about or for your wife? but it's sweet either way :)!

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