Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Another migration...

Since most of you haven't seen my other blog, I am gradually reposting all of my poems from there over to here. This is one of my favorites.

The Tree Of Life

The falling leaves, all red and brown

tumble slowly, spiraling down

with a seemingly endless, empty strife

Mirrored in a single senseless life

which spirals also to its useless end

The soul inside, as it twists and bends,

trying desperately to tear itself free

from the coldness of society

And the unending parade

of lifeís sad charade

leaves all hope behind

The leaf sprouts brightly in the rising sun

A new life and purpose now begun

Tied to others, endlessly chained

through the hope and the promise now regained

And the cycle of lifeís unending hope

helps the new leaf, though dying, to cope

with all that shall come across itís path

Like pain washed with rain, in a cleansing bath

And in the end, the parade

of lifeís sad charade,

leaves hope for all to find

Copyright 1991 ME

Much like my Hello/Goodbye poems, the sad first verses came easily, but my own guilt at being sad caused me to write the more upbeat verses at the end. In the end, I think it comes out a nice little poem. I also like my dual use of the word "leaves", but that's just me. :-)

Posted at 12:23 am by Greg

August 20, 2004   10:10 PM PDT
greatness. absolute greatness. i love this poem. beautiful. by far my favorite.
August 14, 2004   07:34 PM PDT
Beautiful poem. Absolutely beautiful. :)
August 13, 2004   02:16 PM PDT
Beautifully worded Greg.
August 12, 2004   09:28 PM PDT
Hmm. I guess HTML doesn't work in the comments. How sad.
August 12, 2004   09:27 PM PDT
'Lo Greg!

Ofcourse, it comes to no surprise that I love your poem, but why do you feel guilty for the saddness in the begining? Who did you add the ending for? Don't get me wrong... I love it in it's entirety. I'm just curious.

"And the unending parade
of lifeís sad charade
leaves all hope behind"
That's the most beautiful verse I've ever read. It's something that people can, and perhaps will, quote for many and many of years to come. When I say it out loud it dances off of my tongue and makes me sound wise.

Thankyou for your advice about the second blog. You're completely right, one is enough. And thankyou so much for telling me I could vent to you. That means alot, and I <i>really</i> appreciate it. **BIG HUGS**
August 10, 2004   10:21 AM PDT
WOW, now you and kami-x are the people that i know online that can write poems. whenever i have to write them for english i'll come to you guys for help hehe.

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