Wednesday, August 04, 2004
The Dazzler

I originally posted this on my other blog, but it really belongs here.



I know a young woman, with a dazzling smile.
I know when she dazzles, she hurts all the while.
But her smile carries power, much more than she knows
It brings healing light to whomever it shows

Any lucky young man who might catch such a grin
Would lighten not just his step, but his heart deep within
All those with the fortune to fall under her light
Turn and spread her smile onward, growing ever more bright

Those that see it are amazed by the beauty inside
Not knowing the darkness the smile would hide
Still the Dazzler smiles on, and even she's unaware
Of the strength of the light that burns on under there

If I could but hold a small mirrored glass
And reflect her own light back upon the young lass
The strength that has brightened so many before
Would begin to dazzle the one that it's for

And her power would grow, and the smile would spread
No longer just there on her face, but instead
There'd be a light in her eyes, and here's the best part:
She would bring all that dazzling strength to her heart!

Copyright ME 2003

Posted at 09:18 am by Greg

September 21, 2004   06:32 PM PDT
"I wish I could be the reson you smiled..."
enchanting as always, i missed so much when i was gone. delightfully bewitching, she sounds so wonderfully lost.
August 6, 2004   06:33 PM PDT speechless...this poem reflects a lot of who I out of words to say how beautiful this poem is...truly beautiful Greg! xoxox
August 4, 2004   11:18 AM PDT
I remember this one from before. It's so nice. We all need to be able to see the true light that shines inside of us!
August 4, 2004   10:30 AM PDT
this dazzler poem about a beautiful, great smile reminds me of this really sweet phrase (i dont remember it word by word); it's something like...

i can't really paraphrase it, i can't remember it well enough, but i remember the beginning and end:

"i would cross mountains, walk on water, swim the seas............. and all you have to do is smile"

arg, something like that. it's sweet though.
August 4, 2004   09:20 AM PDT
I wrote this poem for a friend of Jamie's. This girl is truly beautiful, inside and out, but she has been treated poorly by her family, and doesn't value herself as highly as she should. She goes around with this big, beautiful infectious smile, but really she hurts inside, and longs for love. She is loved, by her friends, and certainly by Wanda and I, but she feels like a failure because she doesn't have a boyfriend. I understand that yearning for a romantic love, but still I think she is too hard on herself, and spends too much time thinking about the love she wants, instead of enjoying her life and her friendships, and letting love come to her at its own pace. That's the only way it will happen anyway.

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