Sunday, July 04, 2004
In honor of the occasion.

I am copying a post from my other blog that I wrote several months ago. As I get ready to leave for Nashville on Wednesday, this couldn't help but come back to me:

This is a little something (A copyrighted little something, thank you very much!) I wrote for Wanda. For those who don't know, she and I met online a little over 4 years ago. We hit it off right away, but even in that first conversation we both talked about how impossible it would be for us to get together. We lived 2000 miles apart. I had suffered from not only panic attacks, but minears disease, which can cause severe dizzy spells (one of them had me bedridden for 2 weeks), and the idea of me getting on an airplane was ridiculous. And she suffered from a horrible fear of flying. So while in our minds we agreed that we would only be friends, our hearts had a different idea. Four months later, so completely and utterly in love that nothing could stop us, I boarded a plane for Nashville. In anticipation of that trip, knowing I would finally see The Love of My Life, I wrote this:


To bask just once in the warmth of your smile
To gaze upon blue crystal eyes
To - if only a moment - forget for a while
The distance I've come to despise

To feel you, and hold you, and love you so dear
With a heart filled with passion unbound
To let go of the past as the future comes clear
And go deaf to that negative sound

To hold your hand gently, as we walk through the park...
Or in passion to grasp it so tight
To say a sweet word, and see it find it's mark
As the fire in your eyes comes to light

To, at last in my arms, feel your heart against mine
Your body and mine drawn as one
To escape in desire while our souls intertwine
As our lovelight eclipses the sun

This, my dear love, is my one fondest hope
The one that one day will come true
Till then I'll cling tightly - my one way to cope:
Till then I'll dream only of you

Copyright Greg 2000

That trip was the beginning of my life.

Posted at 10:12 pm by Greg

July 6, 2004   09:50 PM PDT
hi, i was just visiting blogs and i ran into yours. i read the poem, it's sublime and really profound. i liked this phrase the most:

"To escape in desire while our souls intertwine
As our lovelight eclipses the sun"

it's a good poem :)
July 6, 2004   01:38 PM PDT
the kind of love we all dream of, but hardly ever capture. beautiful.
July 6, 2004   09:15 AM PDT
Awesome stuff Gregster. Pretty deep stuff!
July 6, 2004   01:11 AM PDT
Honestly breathtaking Greg. You never cease to leave me astounded.

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