Sunday, June 27, 2004
A Ghost Story

The night is still as It comes forth from the shroud
The mist encircles like an ominous cloud
Revealed with a purpose not spoken aloud
Led on by the light of the moon

No sound can be heard as It walks through the night
Except for dead leaves underfoot, out of sight
Of the eyes staring straight, and the birds taking flight
To escape from this Life from the tomb

At the edge of the forest the sunrise begins
Bringing with it the screams of the westerly winds
It walks on toward the town, toward the place where the sins
of a man would be paid for in blood

A single dog barking, a lone child cries
People hide behind shutters, watching like spies
And still It comes forward with death in It's eyes
Tracks showing clear course in the mud

In front of a large white house stands a gate
Hanging crooked and worn by the twisting of fate
As it's unlatched and opened, it screams out it's hate
And it breaks off and falls to the ground

The footsteps continue up the walk, past the space
on the porch where the two men had stood face to face
one of them with a gun, the other no place
to run to escape from the sound

of the shots as they rang, and the screams as they came
from the woman who ran out, screaming the names
of the man she had loved, and the man with no shame
who would soon learn the fight was not through

As It enters the house from beyond the grave
the man stares unbelieving, with no one to save him
from this Thing returning the sentence he gave to It
knowing the verdict untrue

The man turns as white as the face at the door
Where an evil grin spreads like a wave 'cross the shore
The man clutches his chest and falls to the floor
His life ending sooner than planned

His blood now avenged, he returns to his tomb
As his child cries out, being borne of the womb
of the woman he loved, and the woman of whom
is the photograph clutched in his hand

Copyright Me

Posted at 08:50 am by Greg

June 29, 2004   10:11 AM PDT
Bravo!!!! I love it!!! I don't think the end is overly melodramatic at all...I mean's a ghost story!! You can't get more dramatic than that!!
June 27, 2004   10:54 AM PDT
Now THAT's Original, Intriguing, Imaginative and outright GREAT!
June 27, 2004   08:56 AM PDT
This actually began life as a short story, but when I got flustered with where the story was going (or WASN'T going!), I just decided to try making it into a poem. For years I considered this my best poem. At least for a non-personal one. I love the rhyme scheme, and the imagery. But the last half has always seemed overly melodramatic to me. I've even tried re-writing the end several times, but couldn't come up with anything satisfactory.

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