Wednesday, June 23, 2004
The One (A Quest)

Soaring over the endless clouds

The calm above the storm

          Then dropping below the veil of white

          At last the City comes into sight

          The Nightwing meets him in humble flight

          And guides him to the place to alight


He steps foot onto the unknown soil

And serenely scans the horizon

          Searching for the familiar form

          The One who would stand above the norm

          Whose eyes would glow like the coming storm

          With an inner fire to keep him warm


His first few moments in this strange new land

Spent with others on quests of their own

          Laughing and crying, they all move along

          Alone, he wonders what might have gone wrong

          With a mighty sigh, he instead remains strong

          And calls to the One with a passionate song


Her gleaming hair first catches his eyes

Reflecting a gleam of their own

          As she magically glides down to be at his side

          In this moment of truth, where there’s nothing to hide

          He opens his heart where the One will reside

          With a smile, and a kiss, he at last meets his Bride


Copyright 2004 Me

Posted at 04:03 pm by Greg

June 24, 2004   09:46 AM PDT
This is the first poem I've written since I started this blog. All the others on here are old ones.

As most of you who know me have guessed, this is a fantasy version of my first trip to Nashville to meet Wanda. There is humor here that only Wanda would get (like when he "calls to the One", which is when I had to have her paged at the airport, because she was late picking me up and we missed each other at the gate! Hahaha).

The intro lines falling into rhyming stanzas happened by accident. I pretty much wrote down what was already in my head, then took a look to see where it stood, and that was the form it apparently wanted to take. It is different anyway!

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